Conference proceedings

ARPHA offers a number of options for publishing conference proceedings and abstracts either through institutional or conference platforms hosted on ARPHA or as a part of one of the existing ARPHA solutions.

Amongst the options available with ARPHA are:

  • Publication of a special conference proceedings issue within a thematic journal hosted on the platform, see list.
  • Featuring your collection as an open access book through the ARPHA Advanced Books platform or within the customer’s personal book platform hosted on the ARPHA Open Access Books module.
  • Linking your proceedings with the corresponding abstracts published in the ARPHA Conference Abstracts (ACA) journal or within the customer’s own publishing platform hosted on the ARPHA Abstracts module.
  • Stand-alone, individually designed, either proceedings or conference abstracts (or mixture of both) institutional/conference platforms.
  • Other (see full list of services)