ARPHA journals

ARPHA stands for: Authoring, Reviewing, Publishing, Hosting and Archiving, all in one place. ARPHA is the first publishing platform ever to support the full life cycle of a manuscript, from authoring through submission, public peer review, publication and dissemination, within a single online collaborative environment.

The most distinct feature of ARPHA, among others, is that it consists of two interconnected but independently functioning journal publishing platforms - ARPHA-XML and ARPHA-DOC. Journals and publishers can choose to use one of the two, or a combination of both services. The plarform ensures a smooth transition from the conventional, document-based to the forthcoming, fully XML-based publishing:

  • ARPHA-XML: Entirely XML- and Web-based collaborative authoring, peer review and publication workflow.

  • ARPHA-DOC: Document-based submission, peer review and publication workflow.

ARPHA proceedings

ARPHA Proceedings is a powerful module designed to host collections of conference abstracts, talks and posters in a highly interactive and semantically enhanced environment.

While large and frequent events might choose to develop their own proceedings’ title powered by ARPHA, smaller or one-off events can publish their own collections in the dedicated ARPHA Proceedings journal.

The advantages offered by the ARPHA Proceedings module include:

  • Editorial management for various collections of abstracts (for example, hierarchically organised symposia, workshops and working groups within a conference, each managed by different conveners).
  • Use of functionally rich authoring tool and pre-defined templates according your event’s needs, in a collaborative online environment.
  • Publication of data- and media-rich abstracts in semantic HTML, XML and PDF prior to the event.
  • Citability and discoverability through DOIs.
  • Archiving and indexing in leading industry aggregators upon publication.
  • Publication of streamlined video recordings from the event published on each abstract webpage.
  • Interactive post-publication review and publishing of updates.

Explore the Biodiversity Information Science & Standards (BISS) journal, hosting the proceedings and outputs from the annual Biodiversity Information Standards (TDWG) Conference.

ARPHA books

ARPHA powers an open access semantic book publishing platform, providing an enriched and modern medium for your titles.

Societies, universities and book publishers can create their own white-label platform to publish both new or legacy books boosted in an advanced open access environment, including:

  • Publication in semantic HTML, XML and PDF.
  • XML tagging and enrichment of published content.
  • Supplementary data files published alongside the book.
  • Publication of multimedia (videos, sound, 3D, MicroCT images, interactive keys) within the book content.
  • Publication of both new and legacy book titles.
  • Indexing and archiving with industry’s leading services.
  • Download and usage metrics.

Explore Advanced Books by ARPHA to see how it all comes together.